Download the program by clicking on the demo link on page and perform the installation as standard. If you have installed the program before, remove the program and delete the relevant data and reload.

The number of licenses you want to purchase and the purchase duration will be calculated. License is required per computer / user. After the payment completed, a serial number will be produced and mailed to you. In order to open the demo program that you have installed, use the shortcut combination or right click on the program icon in the taskbar notification area / system tray. Enter the code in the Settings by typing your password and paste the code by pressing the "set" key in the license section. You can use this code on all your computers. The program will continue to activate your program until you reach the number of licenses purchased by connecting to the server. This will allow you to install many computers with a single activation code.

If you have any drice link, you need to allow for upload by selecting your google drive account from the window opened by just clicking the button. All settings will be made automatically. When the Upload Time is due, the required data will be uploaded to your cloud.

Enter the e-mail address and your password, then select which e-mail address use to send. Sender mail will be selected in the top list if GMail is selected and smtp settings will be done automatically. As late ad, if you use different email addresses, you should find out the smtp number in the help section on your service providers website.

When this hour comes, the html file containing the graphic is uploaded to the specified e-mail and drive addresses on the screen recording videos and face recognition videos, if there are any.

The program allows you to control an unlimited number of computers. If you want to store this data in your own cloud, your limit will be related to the size of your cloud.

Start and close hour should be set when your employee starts and ends his works. Mental Boss keeps recording and working whenever the computer is open without looking at it. However, star and close hours are very important for the calculation of data such as active and passive time, performance calculation. In addition, the Random face debriefing system works between start and finish times. By this reason, these clocks must be entered correctly.

If you forget your password, you need to uninstall and reinstall program.

When the face correction is activated, the webcam panel is opened each time the computer is turned on, and when record button is pressed, the image is recorded for a timeframe of 3 sec. On this 3-second record, are written the minutes on which the record has begun and ended, this info is then added on the video and when the upload time ensues, all these authentication data are uploaded to the given address as one video.

The second face correction is important for to keep watch of what your employees are doing. The hour setting identifies when face verification will be performed after the first web cam opened. For example; you can confirm by doing web cam verification if your employee leave your work early, which is the end of the shift. On the other hand, you can use it when your employee returns from lunch.

In this section you should specify two numbers. Small value on the left, big value on the right. The program determines a random number between these two values and requests face verification by opening web cam at random times as many as this number.

While you are using the Mental boss program, your employee can not see how the program works and your watching.

The activation code that you’ve received at your e-mail address is stored in the number of computers to be licensed and within the number of licensed days. You can use this e-mail address that comes after your purchase on all your computers by entering the program.

If you choose the annual subscription, in case you need it; we assist with setup and setup with programs such as Temaviewer for 7 days from the date of purchase.

The employee gets a thank-you card to motivate when the performance is high. By this reason Mental Boss motivates employee.

You can access the report by clicking on the program icon. You do not need to turn the program on and off again.

The employee closes this program at any time and you can not remotely control your employee s computer when the program is shut down.

The program is set to run automatically when the computer is turn on.

This program does not provide video calls between the employee and the employer.

No additional program is required to run the mental boss program, but if you want to monitor your employee live, you need to download the Team Viewer program.