Employee Monitor

Analyze and Motivation Software

MentalBoss, analyzes the pc opening–closing times, keyboard and mouse active and passive times, screenshot stream in a minute, and so on and graphed all these information. All you need is to check your e-mail box at the evening.

Traces All Pc

So you can remotely control whether your employees come to job on time. Facial recognition system can verify all.

Watch timelapse

The software that can record screenshots once a minute or more often, it sends the workflow to your e-mail or drive address as a timelapse video

See active times

The graphic colorizes the green color every minute that mouse and keyboard movement is detected. You can instantly determine the active and passive times of employees.

Use Your E-mail or Cloud

All graphics, screen images, webcam validation videos can be sent to your e-mail address or drive adress at the end of each day

Motivation of Employees

A small pop-up per hour shows the last hour and daily performance. If it is over 80%, says Thank You! This system will boost his auto control.

Uncertain Timed Face Control

Even if your employees are not working on the PC ,at certain times and at a pre-set number, the signal sounds comes for webcam facial control and verification is done.

Stealth (Hidden) Mode

Check your employees’ activities while being completely undetectable. Thus you can easily observe who’s not working sufficiently and be fair.

World’s Most Secure System

We’re directly uploading the delicate data such as screen and face recordings to the Google Drive account that you’ve identified instead of our servers; in other words, world’s most secure system.

Daily Reports

Each employee can send the work he/she has done all day along with his/her suggestions and performance data to the manager. Showing and telling what he/she has accomplished will surely be a motivation for him/her.



Best for factories or stores too...

Hold the security camera screen that recording work area on the desktop. It will record the video at the intervals that you specify. It will be able to show you several times accelerated videos within minutes. Otherwise, it is not possible to monitor the 8-hour security record you already have.

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30% Performance Increase with 1% of Salary

Salaries, food, insurance, office costs 3000 USD in Europe and America on average. Get a big boost now with 1% of this amount, it's very profitable.

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  • Total UsersUnlimited
  • Daily Analyse
  • Active/Passive Reports
  • Detailes Reports
  • Ban Programs
  • Daily Report Form:
  • Send Reports to E-mail:
  • Drive Upload System:
  • Web Cam Control
  • Face Correction Analyse
  • Random Face Control
  • Fast Support


$ 9 /Mo

  • Total UsersUnlimited
  • Daily Analyse
  • Active/Passive Reports
  • Detailes Reports
  • Ban Programs
  • Daily Report Form:
  • Send Reports to E-mail:
  • Drive Upload System:
  • Web Cam Control
  • Face Correction Analyse
  • Random Face Control
  • Fast Support


Marry Mose

HR Manager

With MentalBoss, we have achieved some useful results. We saw that the performances of the staff who sit on the edge of the window, watch the street, were lower than the others. We also noticed that a majority of our staff spent a significant portion of their time on social media. MentalBoss has given us a different perspective. From the month, the average 35% efficiency increase is incredible.

Tom Antos

General Manager

With MentalBoss, we have realised that our employees almost do not work between 16:30 – 17:30 when it is the last hour of the shift. It was highly normal, they were getting tired. We have decided to formally end the shift at 16:30 and we decided to completing the 5-hour loss by adding half a day work on Saturday. The employees were glad for the shift hour was down to 7 hours. There was increase on the company income and we reflected it to salary as a raise. It was a system that everyone won.

Markos Smith


An increase of 22% in the efficiency for the 1% of an employee's monthly cost and work discipline, highly control. It is incredible. Other firms should discover the MentalBoss. I want to thank my HR manager to find out this software.

William Stone


Obviously I was afraid at first because if the staff were very depressed. I often forget that I'm the boss. I told my employee this is an experimental project. But with MentalBoss, I realised more my employee and arranged some bonuses and small gifts. Now everyone works more and I want to say thank MentalBoss.

Alicia White

Designer Company Manager

Yes, all employee need some rest. But some of them really rest too much and they occupy others. Some of them always busy with their cell phones. MentalBoss is totally a medicine. Now they are workin with 80% focus during the working hours. Performance increase almost doubled. Forever MentalBoss

Linda Osman

Factory Manager

Managing a factory with 350 employee, always observing everyone is not easy. It was taking 8 hours to watch cam records. With MentalBoss, I can see everything that happens during all day, in 8 minutes. We made face verification requests in the morning arrival and evening departure also 3 times randomly during the day. Employees now keep their conversations shorter and they stand more at their work.

Mark Runner

Furniture Shop Owner

Very few of our employees work constantly at the computer. Usually they have to deal with customers at the aisles. But I still gave each one a mini laptop, so that they could not leave for a long time for random face verification system so they could come on time and go on time. I brought a habit of writing a daily report. This encouraged them to be more creative and to tell them that they did good work. To achieve them all with 2% of the salary of the employees, really thank the occasion. I would like to thank MentalBoss officials for their competitive pricing policy and for the great technology they have developed.

Steve Marquat

Vice General Manager

I would like to say something about this software which one of the most important reason to get promoted when I was HR Manager. First of all we have blocked all diverting programs instead of necessary ones. Me and our bosses had to go to business trips often. We set up a randomly face verification system to ensure that employees do not get away from the work arbitrarily. The possibilities offered by this software are fascinating.

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MentalBoss uploads your data only to your POP3 e-mail addresses or drive folder. If you wish, you can cancel this feature. With network monitor programs, you can easily analyze that the data is only sent to the destination you specify and you can use it safely.

While there are different laws in each country, in the important part of the world, there are sample court decisions that allow recording all the logs and images of the computer without notice which the employer has allocated for the job. To get webcam views of an employee, you may need to get written permission. Or you can deactivate this feature of the program

If you choose the annual subscription, in case you need it; we assist with setup and setup with programs such as Temaviewer for 7 days from the date of purchase.

The program allows you to control an unlimited number of computers. If you want to store this data in your own cloud, your limit will be related to the size of your cloud.






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